Founded by Mrs Syeda Mahbuba Akther and Maj Gen Syed Shafayetul Islam (Retd) in 2001, with fast-moving commodities and also the distribution of mobile-related prepaid products in greater Mymensingh area. In 2005, Virgo Group has gradually grown as a global enterprise, headquartered at her own premises in Dhaka Bangladesh, comprising several subsidiary companies. The group operates in all over Bangladesh, with a mission to ‘Improve lives’, through long-term stakeholder value creation based on Leadership with Trust & Integrity.
Virgo global is a diversified business group, managed by a highly qualified motivated team with knowledge enriched. Keeping a Vision to contribute to the Economy of Bangladesh, Virgo is concentrating in the Basic Industries. With significant footprint including Virgo Pharmaceuticals Limited, Virgo Fish & Agro Process Limited, Virgo Tobacco Limited, Virgo MH Limited, Virgo Fashion Limited, Virgo Distributions Company Limited; Virgo is now diversifying in the fields of Petrochemicals and Oil & Gas through Virgo Refinery Limited, Virgo Petrochemicals Limited, and Virgo LPG Limited.
Virgo is now aggressively looking forward to Virgo Refinery Limited. With full Technical partnership and License from Honeywell Inc., USA, the 12,500 Barrels per day capacity Virgo Refinery is ready to roll out on her own land by the Bank of Meghna River to produce 5,000 Barrels per day Aviation Fuel (Jet A-1) meeting ICAO standard – expected to be first plant in Bangladesh to produce Aviation Fuel.
With its pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit, the Virgo has laid several industries of national importance in Bangladesh. The same spirit, coupled with innovativeness, has been displayed by entities such as Virgo Petro Chemicals Limited. Expected to be the first such chemical plant in Bangladeshunder full technical partnership with a key subsidiary ofChina National Chemical Engineering Group Corporation (CNCEC) – world’s second largest petrochemical company. The 200,000MT capacity PVC Powder Plant is being set up at Virgo’s own land located by the Bank of Meghna River. At the same complex, Virgo LPG Limited will also be built up with 100,000MT storage & bottling capacity for the household, commercial & small industries and transportation/vehicle use.
Join Venturing with Mark H Co. Ltd., UK, Virgo is producing specialized high street garments for the international market, specially for Marks & Spencer (M&S) UK.
Virgo Global is fully aware of her responsibilities for the society, especially the communities she lives with. Virgo isundertaking a wide range of social welfare activities in the communities of her industrial plant locations throughout Bangladesh by strongly supporting in the needs of basic education, medical care and sports, along with implementing sustainable business practices. Going forward, Virgo is building multinational businesses that pursue to differentiate her through innovation, entrepreneurship, trustworthiness and values-driven business operations, while balancing the interests of diverse stakeholders including Shareholders, employees and to the society.