It gives me pride & immense pleasure to say Hello to everyone, to our foreign partners, to our suppliers, customers and last but not the least to all our highly dedicated staff members.
We have started our journey not too long ago but we have crossed a significant milestone by now and it was very tough. Through the relentless effort of our dedicated staff members, we have progressed to a satisfactory level. We are striving hard to reach our desired goal but we have not yet reached our dream. Every day is a new development, everyday is a new challenge. With the co-operation of our partners, suppliers and dedicated staff members, we are keeping a very high standard. I can proudly say that our products are competitive in Bangladesh as well as in the World market. Beside business we are also committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
I urge upon my fellow colleagues to keep their standard up and work positively so that we can leave a mark in the business arena and establish our branding image for years to come. May God bless The Virgo and bless us all.

Syeda Mahbuba Akther